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The Game

It's the classic question, who is hotter?  We at Pick The Hottie have set out to answer this question.   Your task is simple.  We present you with two pictures, you Pick The Hottie.  Find out if your tastes are in line with the crowd.

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First appearing in 2001, PTH is the original, non-traditional online rating game. This was way back when Blackberry was king and there was no such thing as Facebook, Android or an iPhone. With the explosion of social networking and mobile applications we decided to shut down the website in favor of a mobile app. The PTH app was launched in 2015.

Our goal has always been to provide a service where you could make friends and hook up with Hotties in your neighborhood and around the world. Stay tuned for some great features to the PTH mobile app that will enable you to become part of the PTH community. Find us in the iTunes, Google Play and Windows App stores. Have fun!